The legend of King Arthur, performed by fifty artists, will have its world premiere in September 2015 in Paris (Palais des Congrès 4 000 seats).

The legend of King Arthur is one of the most beautiful love stories that tradition and literature have passed on to us, like Tristan and Isolde or Romeo and Juliet. It is perhaps even richer because it tells us about two passions that mingle and refute each other: Arthur and Guinevere and Guinevere and Lancelot. A legendary king, a beautiful, wilful queen, and the bravest of knights. Loves that cross a magical universe where fairies become sorceresses, like Morgan, Arthur's stepsister, and where Merlin the magician speaks to spirits and dragons. 

The men who created this legend once upon a time, avoided giving it a real beginning or a definitive ending. Thus, they could dream and travel in a fantasy world, continually renewing it. And it is on a journey that we wish to invite you. At the end of our story, Arthur, the little groom who became king, will rise above his suffering to forgive the two people whom, despite their having betrayed him, he loves most in the world...

There was a time when the king of Britain (made up of today's Great Britain and the tip of French Brittany), Uther Pendragon, reigned over a prosperous, peaceful realm. But one day, he was seized by a sudden passion for the spouse of one of his lords. 

His illustrious counsellor Merlin tried to dissuade him, but given the king's obstinacy, he ended up giving in and used his magic to help Uther possess the woman he desired more than anything in the world. But in exchange, Merlin demanded that the king entrust him with the fruit of their union, and nine months later, a boy was born and named Arthur. 

As promised, King Uther turned Arthur over to Merlin, who left the child in the care of an honest tradesman so that Arthur might be brought up in a family and receive an education.

After his abuse of authority, Uther fell in battle. But before dying, he stuck his sword in a rock and swore that only his successor would be capable of extracting Excalibur, the sword of kings.

Since then, the Kingdom of Britain has been torn by fratricidal wars and attacks on the borders by the Saxons.

The Show begins the day Merlin brings the people together to designate the new king who will at last unify and pacify the Kingdom of Britain. As King Uther had predicted, the Chosen One will be he who succeeds in pulling Excalibur out of the rock.

All the lords of the kingdom pass before the rock without success. It is then decided to organize a tournament in hopes that God will help the victor to pull out Excalibur.

At the time, Arthur is a young groom in the service of his adoptive brother who has just been dubbed a knight. He hurries to prepare his brother's equipage when he realizes his sword has disappeared. Having no other choice and unaware of the reason for this gathering, Arthur decides to borrow the sword stuck in the rock. This will not be a theft, just a loan, and he will return it to its place after the tournament.

He approaches the rock and… succeeds in pulling Excalibur out without the slightest effort. The rumblings of the crowd rise, and the gathering approaches the boy who is going to be designated the new king of Britain.

Some of those present pledge allegiance to Arthur whereas the others refuse to recognize as king a man who is not even a knight. Merlin then reveals Arthur's true identity, but some of the lords, with Prince Maleagant at their head, swear they will never have a bastard as king, even if he were Uther Pendragon's. So it will be war.

Merlin takes the young Arthur to the Forest of Brocéliande to train him in the trade of king. But one final test awaits him: the castle of one of the lords who pledged allegiance to Arthur is under siege by the king of Wales and Maleagant's men.

Backed up by a small number of knights, King Arthur succeeds in lifting the siege with the help of Merlin's magic. Wounded in combat, he is nursed by the lord's daughter, Guinevere. Arthur is captivated by the young woman's beauty and personality. Merlin tries to dissuade him, predicting that Guinevere will indirectly be the cause of his downfall and that of the kingdom. But Arthur won't hear of it and asks Guinevere's father for her hand.

Awaiting the wedding, Arthur and his knights return to Camelot to take care of the realm's business.

The harmony at court is broken by the arrival of Morgan, Arthur's stepsister. One evening, she uses the same stratagem that Uther used in the past, taking the appearance of Guinevere and abusing Arthur by making love to him.

From then on, she swears that the child she is carrying in her womb will be the heir of the kingdom. And to achieve her aims, she is going to unite with Maleagant to destroy the wedding of Arthur and Guinevere.

A few weeks later, Arthur prepares a lavish welcome for Guinevere. Everything is ready to celebrate the marriage. But the arrival of Lancelot, the finest knight of the realm, is going to change the course of history. At their first meeting, it is love at first sight for Guinevere and Lancelot.

Despite their irresistible attraction and Morgan's schemes for bringing the two lovers together, Guinevere and Lancelot will resist their impulses and remain loyal and faithful to King Arthur.

What can Merlin's magic, Arthur's wisdom and boundless love for his spouse as well as Lancelot and Guinevere's loyalty to their king do against Morgan's hatred, Maleagant's pain, and the irresistible passion devouring Lancelot and Guinevere?